Truple randomly captures screenshots and shares them with

Whether you're trying to protect your children, safeguard your marriage, or break bad habits, Truple can help.

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Truple runs on

Android 5+

Windows 7-10

Mac OS

Chrome OS


Kindle Fire

Screenshots can be viewed through emailed link, the Android & Kindle Fire app, or online at

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# Monitored

Monthly Plan

Annual Plan
2 months free


$5 / month

$50 / year
$10 saved annually


$8 / month

$80 / year
$16 saved annually


$12 / month

$120 / year
$24 saved annually

Family Plan
Unlimited* devices for a single family

$16 / month

$160 / year
$32 saved annually

* Family plan limited to 15 devices initially. If your family needs more, email and we'll increase the limit free of charge.

30 day Moneyback Guarantee

Simple but effective accountability

Read the reviews, Truple works.


No crazy reports, simply scroll through screenshots.

Works with Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. all get content captured.

Near Impossible to bypass

Detects and alerts incognito/private browser use, safe mode boot, & more.


Screenshots are sent over HTTPS and stored using AES 256 bit encryption.

Maintain Privacy

8000+ banking sites blocked from screenshots, optionally redact text from images and blur screenshots to maintain privacy and protect your accountability partner from graphic details.

Noninvasive App

The app uses minimal battery, ram, processing power, and data.

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